ToThePoint BusinessMassage


Before starting with the first massage, I always ask the client about his or her physical and mental history, complaints, expectations and wishes.

The massage itself takes about 15-minutes and is followed by a short evaluation and if necessary - suggestions for simple exercises or stretches.

I am prepared to give massages in company for at least two hours, and not more than five hours a day (this means a massage for 6-15 persons). I bring with me my own equipment: a massage-chair.

The only thing I need from you, as a company, is:

  • a short list with the names in sequence of the clients who have an appointment with me that day
  • the clients have to be in time (a minute or two before the actual appointment), so I know I can finish the treatment just before the arrival of the next client.

I use different massage-techniques, like classical massage, hand- and footreflexology, shiatsu or pressure-point massage. In my private practice I also use hot-stone massage.

My price is 59,95 per hour, exclusive tax (btw).

At the end of each month I send out my invoices to the companies I work for, by mail or e-mail. Further information and prices on request.


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