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1. Do you work all over the Netherlands?
Yes, but the further away from Amsterdam the higher the costs will be, depending on distance and fuel price, for traveling time I charge half of my hour tariff, i.e. 30 euro per hour excl. tax 21 %. I start counting traveling time when I am on my way longer than 30 minutes (which means both ways in total for over an hour).

2. Do you charge travelingtime?
Yes, if the location of your company is further than Amsterdam centre, Amsterdam oud-West or oud-Zuid this means I am obliged to travel longer than 30 minutes one way (this means a round trip will be over one hour). I charge half my tariff per traveling hour, so 30 euro per traveling hour excl. taxes (21%).

3. Does a one-time-massage work or do you need to repeat it regularly?
Yes, a one-time-massage does work. Of course it is always better to repeat treatments that work for you, once or twice a week, a month or a year depending on your wishes. At my web site I describe an important psychological effect of undergoing a massage regularly: first you experience the massage itself as a delight, then - because of that experience - you look forward to the next massage. Above that you will be in a better shape, physically and mentally.

4. Does the health insurance compensate the charges?
Some insurance companies do, but these companies are like a needle in a haystack, you really have to search to find one. When you are a firm (big or small), registered at the Chamber of Commerce, you can declare your costs for the taxes.

5. Can I just make an appointment or do I need to go to see my doctor first?
Yes, you can directly make an appointment with me. You don't need to go to the doctor first, unless you want to do so yourself of course.

6. What kind of space do you need to work in??
Almost every space will do, I have been working in noisy and in quiet surroundings. For the maximum positive effect a peaceful place is preferable. It is even better when there is a water tap. Then I can rinse my hands between two massages, which is nice and fresh for the next person. I always bring with me an organic anti-bacterial-lotion, but water - and soap - is a great joy.

7. Do people need to change their clothes?
No, they don't, the pressure point massage will go through your clothes, during summer and winter. I do ask people to take off their belt and or watch, so I won't risk to hurt myself during the massage.

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