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The principle of a massage is a simple one: It's just about a better circulation, especially of the blood (but also of lymph-, liquor- and other energy-circulations)

This means that more buildingsupplies (fat, carbohydrate, protein) and oxygen will arrive easier where they are needed and waste will be transported easier as well. That is because I push away the waste which is still laying around or I press waste in smaller pieces (when there has been formed crystals for example). This way the passage will be cleaner and circulation easier.

Waste can hang around in your body for a long time, without causing any trouble. Slight signals like 'I feel tired' or 'I'm thirsty' or 'I'd like to stretch my arms now' will be felt. Pretty 'innocent' signals you could say. When one ignores these little signals, they can develop into complaints or even severe problems/injuries, depending on the length and/or intensity of neglection.

I use different massage-techniques, like classical massage, hand- and footreflexzone massage and shiatsu or pressure-point massage. In my private practice also hot-stone massage. The effect of a massage will start right away and will last for at least two days to a week, or even longer. The ideal situation for an optimal result of a short massage will be a treatment once a week, every other week will do as well.

An important psychological side-effect will be the looking forward to the upcoming massage-treatment, the massage itself and the afterglow, which will fluently move into the looking forward to the next massage! All this to clean up and prevent one from waste sticking around (causing all kinds of troubles).

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